In the Triathlon school you will master the art of putting the three very different disciplines of swimming, cycling and running, into one sport. Triathlon is one of the fastest growing endurance sports and with our expert’s help you can complete and compete in some of the best triathlon events around the world! It’s pretty simple: just swim, bike, run! But it can be life changing!
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Our programs
Our programs
Our approach

Our training programs have a clear goal: to provide you with a solid foundation from which to start, or further develop and enhance your triathlon journey. Setting a clear goal is the best way to begin and progress in this sport and we can help you do that. A clear goal is much easier to visualize and measure, making it easier to focus upon and maintain motivation levels.


The program is built around providing a solid introduction and development of the various components of triathlon, individually as well as the interplay between them. Our coaches adopt an athlete centered approach underpinned by the key values of: athlete safety first and foremost, skill development, athlete uniqueness, self- awareness and a holistic perspective.

Super Сoaches

Our coaches are all highly experienced in triathlons, having all competed in multiple events in their respective home countries, internationally as well as being popular figures in the local triathlon scene here in the UAE. All have competed across the various distances of triathlons from super sprint all the way to Ironman and are highly knowledgeable on the key factors necessary to successfully complete and compete in a triathlon of any given distance.


New acquaintances and valuable connections are the reasons why many start doing sports. And it works! Shared impressions and worrying experiences during the start of an event strengthen any relationship.

Medical support

During the program, you can undergo a scheduled medical examination and get an individual doctor’s consultation. The doctor accompanies the students throughout the course.

Staff support

We know that in the process of training you will have many questions, so we have made several communication channels - conveniently used to quickly find a solution.