Personal Trainings

Train with super Coaches and reach your own goals
Andrei Glushchenko
Rinat Mustafin
Ruslan Mustafin
Artem Tom Moskovkin
For those who prefer one-on-one trainings with a professional Coach

Personal trainings are held by coaches with lots of experience, including pro athletes.

Choose your permanent super coach or try train with different ones.

In detail, work out one-on-one nuances to quickly improve the result and professionally prepare for personal goals. Book the session with our staff according to coach availability.

Personal schedule
Train when comfortable
Super Coaches
Train under the supervision of professionals Coaches
Pay attention to details
The Coach is yours for 60 minutes only
Preparing for personal goals
Individual training program
Personal Trainings
Train with super Coaches and reach your own goals
Duration of the training is 60 minutes
Super Coaches
Preparation for personal goals
  • Which Coach should I choose?

    Discuss this with our coordinator. The coordinator will hear your wishes and advice a Coach under your preferences.

  • How long is each training?

    A standard training is 60 minutes long.

  • Would I be able to postpone a training session?

    Yes, you will be able to postpone training after discussing it with the coordinator.

  • How long is the membership pass/package active for?

    The membership pass is active for 6 months after the date of purchase.