In our school of natural running, you will learn to overcome long distances without getting tired and get ready for the coolest races in the world!
For beginners
Learn how to run properly, without injuries and work on your technique, speed, strength, endurance and more... Both group and personal trainings are available
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Our programs
Our programs
Regular trainings which will continue improving your running in general and get you ready for awesome races
Longer & higher-load trainings for adults doing long distance races and runs
We will help you choose
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Our approach

In each training program, we offer a clear goal - to finish a specific race. This goal is easy to visualize, and the results can be measured in hours and minutes, that way it’s easier to motivate yourself for training.


Developed specifically for adults. Running enjoyably, effortlessly and without injuries is possible at any age!

Super Coaches

Our coaches are masters in track and field and athletics, including multiple finishers and prize-winners of International championships and marathons around the world.


New acquaintances and valuable connections are the reasons why many start doing sports. And it works! Shared impressions and worrying experiences during the start of an event strengthen any relationship.

Medical support

During the program, you can undergo a scheduled medical examination and get an individual doctor’s consultation.

Staff support

We know that in the process of training you will have many questions, so we have made several communication channels - conveniently used to quickly find a solution.