About us

I LOVE SUPERSPORT - the world’s largest sport school. We teach adults the principles of running, swimming, cycling, skiing and triathlon in more than fifty cities around the world. We unite people with the love of sport and a healthy lifestyle. We show by example that sport is a good habit that raises life to a new level.

Our dream is to involve 2% of the world’s population into sport. There is a theory: if only 2% of the society changes for the better, the majority will gradually be drawn in and the daily reality of our world will change after the majority.

We create a comfortable environment for positive changes for each student. He/she train, get acquainted with people close in spirit, set ambitious goals and achieve mindblowing results - feel better, overcome a distance, receive a medal at the finish line and is proud of what he/she accomplished.

In addition to training, we hold inspirational meetings, master classes, lectures and webinars. Each month we meet on cheerful breakfasts not as sportsmen, but as ordinary people. We support each other in private chats, we accompany students to events, we celebrate victories at the champions’ dinners and we remain friends after the release.

We change lives through sport.

year of foundation
number of ILSS branches in the world
35 000
number of students that finished our courses by 2018
Office 2703, Mazaya Business Avenue BB2, JLT, Dubai, UAE