In our school of effortless swimming, you will learn to swim for distance and speed, with minimum effort, and get ready for the coolest swimming galas!
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Our approach

In our training programs, we offer a specific goal — swim 500 meters or 1000 meters in one month, qualify for the group SUB20 or finish a swim in open water. These goals are easy to accomplish, you can measure them in a specific way, hence it is easier to motivate yourself. Getting a clear vision of your goals is the best way to start and continue swimming.

Total Immersion technique

This technique is specifically designed for adults. You don’t have to be strong to swim for long, although you need to swim effectively. At the heart of the technique is mastering the balance and the flow of your body in water. During trainings, the coach is always next to you in the water for assistance.


New acquaintances and valuable connections are the reasons why many start doing sports. And it works! Shared impressions and worrying experiences during the start of an event strengthen any relationship.

Medical support

During the program, you can undergo a scheduled medical examination and get an individual doctor’s consultation. The doctor accompanies the students throughout the course.

Staff support

We know that in the process of training you will have many questions regarding the technique of swimming, training schedules and other details. Therefore, we have made several communication channels - conveniently use to quickly find a solution

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