Ironstar 226 Sochi

Get prepared for your main goal in triathlon
Dima Firsov
Rinat Mustafin
What’s in the programme?

Full “iron” distance is something that so many start doing triathlon.

Ironstar in Sochi is practically the only opportunity to conquer this distance in Russia. This distance requires a serious and long training with an experienced coach. If you have already tried smaller triathlon distances like the olympic distance, this programme is for you. An adventure that you will never forget awaits for you!

10 months of trainings
Sufficient time to get prepared for the distance.
2 sessions with a coach per week
Every week - swimming training, bicycle + running.
Home training schedule
Training base is a plan with precise exercise based on volume, intensity, and heartbeat.
Technique improvement
In 3 kinds of sport.
8 people in a team
Small groups for maximum efficiency.
Training bundle
Before the start of the trainings you will receive the brand t-shirt, bag, bicycle bottle and other gifts.
Support and guidance during the race
Help you to organize your sports trips, support before the start, celebrate your medals together on the "champion meals".
Help to find new priceless friends during our events and change your life through sport.

Start of the program

Dima Firsov
Hamdan Sports Complex
Rinat Mustafin
Hamdan Sports Complex

Let me know

Location of training
Hamdan Sports Complex
Hamdan Sports Complex is the largest indoor sporting facility in the Middle East with a seating capacity of 15,000, two 50-meter pools
Medical support
We believe that doing sport intensively is better under the supervision of experienced doctors. Take a scheduled check-up during the program and get an individual doctor's consultation.
  • Screening of the student's health
  • Doctor's video lecture
  • Recommendations for triathlete's health
Floating stage

The race starts in the bay of Imereti port, enclosed by two malls and protected from waves and wind. The water temperature here is two degrees higher than in the open sea, and in the velvet season, it sometimes rises to 25 °C. Wetsuits for participants of this distance are allowed at a water temperature below 22 °C.

Bicycle stage

The cycle race begins in the resort area "Imeretinsky" and leaves on the picturesque mountain route Adler - Krasnaya Polyana. You have to make a long climb and downhill, but before that, you will make a circle on the track "Formula 1" - there is no such opportunity at any other start.

Running stage

The running stage runs along the embankment of the Black Sea - to the lighthouse and back.

Our methods

Improve your swimming via the total immersion technique. You don’t have to be strong to swim for long, but effective. We adapted our methods under triathlon by adding working off your actions during the start, learning to orientate in open waters and swimming in the wetsuit.


A serious approach to the road cycling trainings which will improve your results and ensure you complete the distance safe and sound.


The trainings are based on the natural run technique which focuses on the body position and foot placement. Specifically for the triathlon, we have the bicycle+running trainings to prepare the sportsmen for the hardest transition during any triathlon race.

Transit zones

We will teach you how to get through the transit zones as quickly as possible, by teaching how to go get out of the wetsuit in a moment and prepare your place in it before the race in order not to lose any time.

Triathlon trips

The smallest details are crucial in triathlon. We teach what critical to take for the race and what can be left at home. Show you lifehacks on how to pack your triathlon bag, teach to manage your cycle during traveling.

Ironstar 226 Sochi
Get prepared for your main goal in triathlon
10 months of training
2 trainigns per week
Home training plan
Mastering your technique
Participant bundle
Escort to the start
In case you have some questions left
  • Do I need a road bicycle?

    Our partners Reinststion lend the professional bicycles for the trainings and races for short or long terms, as well as helmets and special shoes. However we do recommend to buy your own equipment, it's usually more comfortable

  • How many hours do trainings take every week?

    It's 5-6 days a week for 1.5 hours every day is what you should consider to take absolute maximum from the programme. If you can't afford to give that much time - this plan is for you. If the schedule does not allow you to train five days a week and at the same time sleep at least six hours a day, then your minimum for the successful finish of the race is three group training per week.

  • What skills do I need before joining?

    Being able to do front crawl, skill to ride a bicycle and being able to run 10km.

  • Do I have to separately pay for the swimming pool?

    No, it's included in the programme price.

  • What's the training schedule?

    At the start of every week, you will receive the training plan for this week.

  • How can we train in the group with different skill levels?

    At the start of the first week, you will be tested on how well you do in swimming, cycling and running and then split into mini-groups. Trainings will be based on everyone's individual comfort zones and heartbeat rates.

  • How many people are there in a group?

    Up to 7-8 people, keeping the groups small, yet keeping the "team spirit" within the group

  • Any discounts on the sport inventory for the sporsmen?

    Yes, you can get a discount in our partner's shops, including such triathlon brands as CompresSport, Sailfish, and Newton.

Ironstar 226 Sochi
Get prepared for your main goal in triathlon
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