Triathlon Group Training

Get ready for any goals with a super coach
Dima Firsov
Alexander Martin
Michael van Rensburg
Omar Abu Omar
Tegan Milella
What is in the program?

Travel a lot? Do not plan to train for any race, but want to be enrolled in regular workout and get fit? Dreaming of losing some weight, gaining confidence and looking for a great company of like-minded people to train with?

You can find it all in our TRIATHLON GROUP TRAINING.

The pass gives you the opportunity to practice swimming, running and cycling under the supervision of our professional coaches. We will build your strength, improve swimming, cycling and running techniques, make your muscles stronger to perform better.

The program is ideal for both for beginner and advanced athletes.

The pass includes:

1) one brick (bike+run) class either on Mon 6:00-8:00am at DXBike (coach Alex) or on Sat 4:45-9:00am at Al Qudra (coach Rinat)

2) one strength & conditioning class on Thursday 6:00-7:00am at JARC (coach TBA)

3) one running class either on Tue or Sat 7:00-8:15pm at DAA (coach Omar)

4) Weekly plans to prep them for one of these 👇 races:

A) IRONSTAR 113 SOCHI (Oct 10-11)

B) IRONMAN 70.3 TURKEY (Nov 1)


D) JLL TRIATHLON - Race 2 (Nov 11)


1) swimming sessions (Level or Squad or Swim Pass)

2) additional running or bike session

3) nutrition plan

There’s no time for doubts, buy you TRIATHLON GROUP TRAINING today.

Program’s features

The greatest progress is achieved in the group - you improve technical skills at the cycling, and in swimming and running, have a group and pair tasks. In the team you will find support, motivation and inspiration.

Training with a coach

Swimming takes place on weekdays in the morning or in the evening, gym session goes every Monday at 6 AM and a brick (bike + run) on weekends. The trainer will control the technique, the correctness of the tasks and answer questions.


After purchasing a pass, the coordinator will contact you to clarify the current level of training, goals and recommend a coach and advice on a schedule. The pass allows you to alternate and vary locations and coaches.

Triathlon Group Training
Get ready for any goals with a super coach
Included in the program
Professional coaches
Staff support and friendly sport community
1 gym, 1 brick, up to 5 swim and up to 4 run sessions a week
Convenient schedule
Training starts
9 August
Duration of training
1, 2 or 3 months
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Price For 1 month 


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