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Prepare for any triathlon with super team
Anton Kharchenko
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About the program

Train in groups under the supervision of professional coaches. Get weekly workout plan in the Training Peaks app based on your current athletic performance. Improve your form and your results in the triathlon the whole year around.

Our group manager will answer all your questions and our coaches will make you faster.

Choose any group sessions that fits your schedule
Guidance by the coach
Get weekly personalised workout plan in Training Peaks
Get additional motivation and make new connections with super people
Up to 2 swimming sessions per week

Join any 2 of the Squad group sessions per week:

Monday — 19:45, Swiss International Scientific School

Wednesday — 19:30, Dubai International Academy

Friday — 06:30, Hamdan Sports Complex

Saturday — 07:00, Kite Beach | Open Water

More about Squad schedule

Cycling sessions

Join any of the following group sessions:

Wednesday — 05:30, DxBike | Speed and strength

Sunday — 06:00, Al Qudra | Long ride

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Running sessions

Join any of the following group sessions:

Wednesday — 19:45, Dubai American Academy | Speed

Saturday — 06:00, Kite Beach | Long run

Sunday — 19:45, Dubai American Academy | Tempo

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Jorge Escobar

It was now 2 years back when I have the crazy idea to become a triathlete and it was very clear if I was serious about it, I had to start by improving my swimming technique; that’s how I joined the ILSS gang, first by doing their L1 swimming class followed by the L2; a fantastic starting point that enable the dream to looks more real; then a cycling class and finally the Tri group; where I had been now for more than year, doing different races, gaining fitness, having fun but more important meeting an amazing group of coaches and peers; if there is one thing I would highlight from the ILSS journey is the quality of the people you met on it. Now, after a year with many races cancellations the focus is on my first Half Iron Man towards end of 2021 – training is ON.

Prepare for any triathlon with super team
Weekly training plan
Guidance from a professional Coaches
Convenient training locations
Staff and medical support
Friendly and supportive community
  • What is a minimal level experience in running should I have?

    It is okay to join the groups if you just a beginner in running and did not have a lot of experience.

  • What is a minimal level experience in cycling should I have?

    You need to have a road bike without aerobars and experience in group riding with clipless pedals. If you haven't ridden in the group or used clipless pedals you may take a private session with our cycling coaches.

  • What is a minimal level experience in swimming should I have?

    To join any of the squad group sessions you need to be able to swim 1 km in the pool or in the open water without breaks.