Triathlon Group Training

Get ready for any goals with a super coach
Aleksandr Trebunskii
Rinat Mustafin
Simon Muhia Wanjiru
Svetlana Shutina
Train regularly and become a triathlete!
Duration of training
1 - 6 months
Price For 1 month 


What is in the program?

Dreaming of losing some weight, gaining confidence, improving your endurance, speed, strength, skills and looking for a great company of like-minded people to train with?

You can find it all in our TRIATHLON GROUP TRAINING.

The training gives you the opportunity to practice running, fitness and cycling under the supervision of our professional coaches. We will build your strength, endurance, improve cycling and running techniques, as well as make your muscles stronger and perform better.

The program is ideal for both beginner and advanced athletes.

The Triathlon group training includes:

  1. One brick (cycling + running) session per week

    Friday 6:00-9:00 AM (Al Qudra (Dubai)/Shawka or Jebel Jais (Ras al-Khaimah))

  2. One Strength & Conditioning session

    Wednesday 6:30-7:30 AM at Skydive

  3. One running session

    Either on Tue or Sat 7:30-20:45 PM at DAA

    Mon or Wed 19:30-20:45 PM at Zabeel Park

  4. Weekly training plan through Training Peaks
  5. WhatsApp Chat with 24/7 support
  6. Nutrition consultation (not personalized)


• Swimming package (Level 1, Level 2, Squad or Swim Pass)

• Additional running session or cycling session

• Personalized nutrition consultation and plan

• Yoga for triathlete session

Preparation for one of these 👇 races:

➡️IRONSTAR 1/4, 1/8, SUPERMIX, MOSCOW (July 03-04, 2021)

1/4: 1km swim – 45km bike – 10km run (Individuals & Relay Teams).

1/8: 0.5km swim – 22km bike – 5km run (Individuals & Relay Teams).

SUPERMIX: This is a mix of two distances: 1/4 and 1/8 with 2 hour’s rest between (Individuals & Relay Teams).

➡️AYIA NAPA TRIATHLON, CYPRUS (October 30-31,2021)

Middle Distance Triathlon: 1.9km swim – 90km bike – 21km run (Individuals & Relay Teams).

Triathlon: 1.5km swim – 40km bike – 10km run (Individuals & Relay Teams).

Sprint Triathlon: 0.75km swim – 23km bike – 5km run (Individuals & Relay Teams).

There’s no time for doubts, join TRIATHLON GROUP TRAINING today!

Program’s features

The greatest progress is achieved in the group - you improve technical skills at the cycling, and in swimming and running, have a group and pair tasks. In the team you will find support, motivation and inspiration.

Training with a coach

he trainer will control the technique, the correctness of the tasks and answer questions.


After purchasing a program, the coordinator will contact you to clarify the current level of training, goals, recommend a coach and advise you on a schedule.

Triathlon Group Training
Get ready for any goals with a super coach
Included in the program
1 to 6 months of training
1 running, 1 brick, 1 strength & conditioning sessions per week
Guidance from a professional coaches
Convenient places to practice
Staff and medical support
Friendly and supportive sport community
Train regularly and become a triathlete!
Duration of training
1 - 6 months
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Price For 1 month 


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