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Dima Firsov
What is in the program?

Open water-swimming competition SWIMSTAR ONE, TWO or THREE MILES MOSCOW 2019 at a distances of nautical miles (1,852 km / 3,704 km / 5,586 km).

Two sessions per week with coach
90-minute sessions
Trainings in a 50-meter pool
Rent of the lane in the pool is already included in the price
Legendary coaches
Train under the guidance of the professionals
Preparation for your own goal
Training by an individual programme
Staff support
Quick way to communicate with the coordinator via email or WhatsApp

Start of the program

Swiss International Scientific School
Dima Firsov
Tue, Sun20:00


for one mile (20 lessons)
Location of training
Swiss International Scientific School
Swimming pool
Medical support
We believe that doing sport intensively is better under the supervision of experienced doctors. Take a scheduled check-up during the program and get an individual doctor's consultation.
  • Screening of the student's health
  • Doctor's video lecture
  • Recommendations for swimmer's health
About start

The triathletes-participants of the IRONSTAR competition in Crocus City checked out the water purity and the comfort level during the 2018 swim. Projected water temperature is 21-23 C.


Competition is to be held in Moscow, in the Pavshinskaya Poima (floodplain) water area of the Moscow River, in a place permitted by Rospotrebnadzor for swimming.


The swim will be held within the Russian Fitness Fair framework right after the IRONSTAR triathlon competition, so your start will have a support of several thousand people.

Programme's features
Legendary coach

Train by an individually adapted plan made and controlled by a top-level specialist

Sessions in a 50-meter pool

Train in a professional format for a large progress

Real physical activity

Professional training’s adapted under the amateurs

Swimstar Moscow
2 sessions per week
Legendary mentor
90 minute training's in a 50-meter pool
Sport doctor supervision
Staff support and friendly sport community
Fabrizio Gelpi

I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t seen others enrolling for it….distance is 6 km I had never swam that, but was encouraged by being told don’t worry there is a strong current pushing you.
The course inspection was something. The boat took a lot to travel and seeing it from inside was impressive. Again didn’t panic believing in the strong current story.
And it was true.
Sofiya suggested to swim in the middle and I did it I felt I was flying had the head easily above water felt no fatigue.
Swimming in the middle almost by myself occasionally encountering one swimmer was great. Bosphorus is enormous, unless you are a professional swimmer that does those big swims you can’t get a similar feeling.
Also is a great week end, Istanbul is great city and for that week end you feel the centre of it.
And the best part is when your friends see the pictures and you tell the story.
Or if someone start to tell you how we shall all go to Istanbul is such a great City and you reply yes I’ve been I swam through the Bosporus.
Big thanks to I Love Supersport to have found me the ticket.

Gulya Salikhova

One, two, three, inhale, one, two, three, inhale, I see a pontoon 100 meters away, come on, you have already done it, well done, now you embrace your daughter, you are not tired at all, not even a challenge, it swims well. The finish is slightly to the left, I look at every second, third breath. What? Why is he right ??? It was blown away … let’s get stronger than rowing, why am I only further from the pontoon, what is happening ??? My uncle is watching me on the boat, and so gently he says, “swim, swim, everything is fine”
Pontoon, touch, cry of joy, victory, tears, I see nothing, I go laugh and cry.
I will come next year for 5 km.


My journey with “I Love Supersport” started in summer 2018.
I was volunteering at the indoor triathlon competition, met brilliant “I Love Supersport” team and got impressed and energized a lot.
By October I delivered a crazy idea to swim 1,5 km open water.
I did not have any swimming technic and I still had problems with my right arm after car accident, but I knew whom should I contact for swimming lessons. On the assessment day coach told me that either I should sell the slot or understand that it is going to be hours and hours of hard work. I decided to give it a try. Sweat & tears, tears and sweat. Next what I remember 1,5 month later my coach met me at the finish line and told me “See, I told you that you can do it, what’s next?”.
This is how I started to get ready for a 10 km run. Thanks to coach - he kept cheering me up and telling me that he trusts I can do it and I can do even more.
Yes, me - person whose medical card looks more like a book not a card - did half marathon this year - just 5 month after starting trainings 😁
Next step was joining cycling classes (waking up at 5 am and driving to the course with a smile - crazy, right?).
My goal is triathlon sprint in Abu Dhabi, than one more sprint in Sochi and than half iron star distance in Kazan. Who knows, maybe one day I will find myself doing full distance somewhere else😝
I am so grateful to “I Love Supersport” team - my life changed a lot after meeting them, for me it is a story of a fight that I won with their great support.

  • How can I make an appointment with a doctor for screening?

    Just communicate with our coordinator and we will find a comfortable timing for you.

  • Is the pool rent included in the course price?

    Yes, it is.

  • Do I need any extra equipment?

    You may need some sports inventory depending on your coach's plan. Clarify with the coordinator.

  • What to do if I miss a training?

    It isn't good, yet not a catastrophe either. Communicate to our staff and we will offer you a place in another group with a free spot or send you the plan of the missed training for you to complete on your own.

  • How do I participate in a test swim?

    Contact your coordinator and choose the most convenient time and place for you to join a swim.

Swimstar Moscow
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