Garda Trentino Half Marathon

Prepare and run 10 or 21 km at the legendary start in Italy
Fanos Tekle
What is in the program?

The half marathon at Lake Garda is a legendary race in the sports heart of Italy. The I Love Supersport team is going to this race for the seventh time already, gathering 500 students from different regions each year. Prepare for the race and enjoy the Italian hospitality, the beauty of the nature and the atmosphere of the start with super team.

Eight or sixteen weeks of training
Two sessions with the coach per week
Home training plan
Schedule for independent work and additional materials
Sports community
Regular activities will help to find people who are close in spirit
Starter's bundle
Before the start of training you will get a club jersey, a bag for the form and other gifts
Support and guidance during the race
Help you to organize your sports trips, support before the start, celebrate your medals together on the "champion meals".

Start of the program

Level 2
Fanos Tekle
Dubai American Academy
Mon, Sat19:30
Glow Garden Park
Thu, Sun19:00


2 months
Location of training
Glow Garden Park
Running track
Dubai American Academy
Outdoor/Indoor track
Medical supervision
We believe that during intensive training it is best to have the constant supervision of a doctor. We do everything in our power to prevent any injuries. During the individualized programme, you will get an opportunity to go through a medical checkup and consult with an experienced doctor. The doctor will accompany the group during the entire course.
  • Advice on nutritions
  • Video lecture and individual recommendations
  • Diagnostic of the musculo-skeletal system
About start

Why is it necessary to prepare specifically for Garda? Every year, the organizers celebrate the I Love Supersport team with something special: they make a huge cake, perform Russian songs to the accompaniment of an orchestra, or gift young local wine. It is worth going here for the soulful atmosphere and the feeling of absolute happiness.


Goal: For 96% of the people lessons become more effective when they have set a specific goal. Your goal — a half marathon at the lake of Garda - quite an ambitious goal, but quite achievable. The goal will motivate you not to miss workouts and to complete the coaches’s tasks.


Lake Garda, in northern Italy, is known for its crystal clear water. At the south end, the town of Sirmione is dominated by the Rocca Scaligera, a fortress with harbor views.

Our methods

We teach our runners to run naturally, focussing on the step rhythm, correct body positioning, and landing properly on the middle part of the foot. We include special running exercises aimed at improving all elements of the running step - run fast, yet safe.


Weak muscles are easy to traumatize, and that’s why we dedicate a large portion of the course for the general physical state of the sportsman - a special exercise aimed at strengthening muscles and ligaments - and stretching. In two weeks time, you will feel the difference: running will become much easier and you get tired less.


The secret to stamina training - control of your heart rate. You will be taught to run fast at your “target heart rate”. On your first session, you will run a test kilometer, and at the end of the programme you will run your target distance. The coach will select exercises according to each individual’s heart rate zones, and the periods of the program will be laid out perfectly to prepare the runner for the end race, in the best shape possible.


Days of training are alternating with the days of rest - the days when the new muscles are being grown and the old ones are recovering, ligaments and sinews are strengthening. Thus while resting you recover and gain strength.

Garda Trentino Half Marathon
Prepare and run 10 or 21 km at the legendary start in Italy
8 or 16 weeks of training
16 or 32 sessions with the coach
Home training plan
10 or 21 km on the legendary start
Setting the running techniques
Convenient places to practice
Participant’s bundle
Race support
Learning materials
Friendly and supportive community
Alena Buzueva

It’s very hard to describe but it was exciting, emotional and definitely unforgettable.
When I sat the day before and looked at the route, knowing Moscow pretty well, I’ve realised how long 10k actually is
That’s definitely a great goal to reach! Still can’t believe that I ran alongside 35000 people
Speaking of training my goal was to do it in one hour or less… and I made it. Running during summer in Dubai was challenging but treadmill sessions with Supersport team helped me a lot! Thanks to my coach who brought me to this amazing result of sub hour.
Guys, set goals, get inspiration from your coach and train. It is worth to reach your desired goal

Vera Torotenkova

We decided to choose travelling by car in our first journey to Salalah. We left for Salalah at 4.30 am because of long way. The way of 1200 km took at about 12 hours and 1,5 hours we spent on Al Ain Border Post. There was so many people who want to spent holidays in Oman. For the most part the road was boring and uninteresting. During 800 kilometers landscape was not change. There was sand around us, without any plants, hills..

Over the past 300 kilometers, the outside temperature decreased from 47 to 23 degrees!
Salalah met us with dense fog, low clouds and humidity at about 100%. Our way to the point Jabal Samhan for overnight stay was a really exciting adventure. There were cows, camels and donkeys from fog on our way. Tents set by the light of flashlights. There was amazing view in the morning! It seems like in high mountains becouse of clauds staing under your feet. It was amazing!

Next points was Taiq Sinkhole и Tawi Atayr Sinkhole. Tawi Atayr Sinkhole is very impressive limestone formation with it own flora and fauna. Depth of Sinkhole is 211 m! View point was blocked by fog and we decided to go down the trail as far as possible. Wow! There was so many plants like in jungle. Birds add special feel to this unusual place – such amount of singing birds is not usual in Oman!
Near the point Sahalnaiot we had a picnic.
In the next few days we visited Wadi Darbat - beautiful waterfall and lake from which waterfall started. We swam in the waterfall and had a great time!

A few words about Khareef season. Khareef is a period of seasonal weather from June till September. It causes the lands to become covered in green, the hills to be surrounded by fog and light rain. We were excited by Al Mughsayl Beach and Al Fazayah Beach. I’ve never seen before such huge waves. The best time to visit “Blow holes” is Khareef season. Tourists names “Blow holes” like fountains or geysers. In fact it works only with huge waves when the water under pressure goes up through the holes in stones. Near the “Blow holes” there you can see Marneef Cave. In fact it’s not a cave but a beautiful large spaces in stones.
If you want to be alone and see unforgettable views you need to visit Al Fazayah Beach. It was really breathtaking views

Salalah Half Marathon

Mostly it was a great race. But without Salalah perfect weather I think it will not be so!
We were so happy about the weather in Salalah after Dubai heat! +23, cloudy, cool breeze Humidity was at about 90% but we didn’t pay attention to this. We felt very good
The place of start and expo was in Khareef Festival Area. We arrived there an hour before the start of the briefing. First impression was that park isn’t used for many years, old attractions, nobody walks, no lovely atmosphere..

We didn’t immediately find the start arch because it was so small The Expo was represented by one small tent. Race pack with bib number and timing chip we collected at another small tent. We understood why an event organization is so homely because of number of start packs. It was 130 runners
At 3 pm there was race briefing. We was informed about running route, aid stations etc.
Our warm up consisted of jogging, 5 especial running exercises and stretching. So, we are ready to start!

Start was at 3.30 pm. Any roads was not overlapped. We ran along the main road surrounded by palm trees, benches and slowly walking locals. There was policemen at places where runners need to cross highway. During the race runners was supported by volunteers on the bikes. They pointed out where to run, asked about health and cheered up us! It was so lovely
Locals also cheered up us by applause. From the passing cars we heard greetings and cheers. Aid stations was at every 2,5 kilometer. For me it’s enough.
The only thing that upsets me was the lack of any drinking liquid on the one of aid stations on the way back. Volunteers said that all drinks was finished. Everything was worsened by the fact that when I saw an aid station, I ate the gel and hoped to drink some water. It was terrible to hear that the water was over! I took two ice sponges, made some ice shower and started move to the next aid station..All my thoughts at the moment about event organizers was not pleasant. At the last aid station I drank some water. It made me little bit stronger and I started to move faster. At the last kilometer I heard greetings of my friends and it helped me to overtake one runner! Friend’s supporting is very important! On the finish line one of volunteers gave me a beautiful medal and another one took timing chip from my leg. The race finished with personal best 2:18:41. I’m so happy!
It was my first experience to jump in the ice pool after race!

We took our T-shirts, visited barbecue area, tried to find some fruits but there was only hamburgers. I don’t know why but I didn’t want to try some food there.In the evening we spent some time in very nice restaurant.

P.S. If you need to escape from Dubai heat Salalah is the perfect choice! But for large-scale sport events lovers Salalah Half Marathon is not a good idea.

  • Training twice a week? I’m fatigued after a short run.

    All training days are alternated with recovery days - this is when the new muscles are growing, and ligaments and sinews are strengthening. The coach will supervise you and your health and make any necessary adjustments to the training programme.

  • I always have pain somewhere, how can I train?

    Just like any skill, running needs time to be mastered. That’s why we include specific running exercises in the course. With these exercises, you will quickly nail the running techniques and forget about injury.

  • Are you sure I’m capable of running such a distance?

    All it takes is to start. The secret of running for long distances is being able to control your own heart rate. Learning to do so will allow you to run for long distances without getting exhausted.

  • Running is so hard for me! What can I do?

    It’s always the hardest at the start. Besides just running, our program includes lots of general physical exercise for strengthening muscles and ligaments. In two weeks time, running will become much easier.

  • Why isn’t the course shorter?

    The experiences of 15,000 runners finishing our program have shown that four weeks is just enough time to master the right running techniques, develop stamina and get your body used to the stress of running.

  • Why set a goal with a certain term?

    “Just wanna run” doesn’t work - you can always find hundreds of reasons not to train. The goal of a race is a more specific target and can help to measure results, making it much easier to motivate yourself.

  • Why isn’t the course longer?

    When a goal is too far away, you find excuses to delay the start of training and eventually lose focus and motivation.

Garda Trentino Half Marathon
Prepare and run 10 or 21 km at the legendary start in Italy
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