In the cycling school we go beyond just speed and endurance and will help you master good technique and bike handling skills so that you can compete and complete the most spectacular cycling races in the world.
Our approach

In our training programs, we offer a clear goal - to finish a specific race. With your specific race in mind (terrain, elevation, technical demands), the goal becomes easier to visualize, and the result can be clearly measured in time, which helps to keep you motivated and focused on your training and end goal.


The program is built around a solid introduction and development of bike handling skills so that the rider becomes technically better, safer and more confident, always with the constant support from our coaches.

Super Coaches

Our cycling school’s coaches are highly experienced and accomplished riders. They have previously competed and excelled in many prestigious cycling events both in their home countries and internationally, as well as key cycling events here in the UAE.


New acquaintances and valuable connections are the reasons why many start doing sports. And it works! Shared impressions and worrying experiences during the start of an event strengthen any relationship.

Medical support

During the program, you can undergo a scheduled medical examination and get an individual doctor’s consultation. The doctor accompanies the students throughout the course.

Staff support

We know that in the process of training you will have many questions, so we have made several communication channels - conveniently used to quickly find a solution.