start date
april 15th

Level 1

Learn and master the technique of riding a road bike
Artem Tom Moskovkin
Start date
April 15
Final session
May 3
What is in the program?

During the Level 1 Cycling program, a professional cycling coach will help you master your cycling technique, get to know your equipment closely, and improve your bike handling skills.

This program is built around a solid introduction and development of bike handling skills, to help you gain cycling knowledge and to become safe as well as confident on your bike with constant support from the Coach.

Our Coaches are highly experienced riders with many great and out-of-this-world accomplishments. They have competed and excelled in many prestigious cycling events in the UAE and other foreign countries.

New friends and valuable connections are major reasons to why many start doing sports… and it works! Time will be flying in such an awesome community with like-minded people!

In addition, I Love Supersport Team will be available 24/7 to help and answer any questions you may have during the program.

Whom is this program for?

Level 1 Cycling program was created for those who want to learn and master the technique of riding a road bike.

What's next?

After the exam you are completely ready for the Level 2 group cycling workouts where you will go on awesome cycling adventures and prepare for spectacular races.

The goal

Our Level 1 training program offers a clear goal — to pass the Level 1 Cycling test after 8 to 12 structured training sessions

Clipless pedals and Circular pedalling
We will teach you how to use clipless pedals and how to do equal pedal rotation around the entire circumference of the chainring
Controlling your bike
Shifting gears, cycling without hands, emergency stops
Group interactions
Riding on the wheel, moving in the group, taking turns on the front and group safely
Bicycle maintenance
How to look after the bike, what to do in case of breakage or puncture
Food and hydration during the race
How and what to eat and drink during the race, without stopping
Safe cycling on the roads
Sign warnings system and rules about cycling on the road
Final exam
Repeating all of the lessons and receiving a cycling license

Start of the program

DxBike Cycling Track
Artem Tom Moskovkin
Technique training
Mon, Wed, Fri19:45


15 Apr — 10 May12 lessons
Location of workouts
DxBike Cycling Track
There are lush green patches, shaded seating spots, breathtaking views of Dubai’s skyline. Accessible for 24 hours a day for free, the tracks are well-lit and safe. Cycling loop is aprox. 9k, running track is available. Infrastructure: parking, shower & locker is free of change
Program's features
12 sessions of training

The optimal time for intensive study and consolidation of a new skill. Each session is 60 minutes. The course is divided into three blocks, each week will be devoted to the development of new skills.

3 group workouts per week

Such frequency of workouts allows you to accumulate physical effect and quickly progress. The optimal number of people in a group will help you learn the subtleties of teamwork under the supervision of a professional Coach.

Help with choosing your equipment

Before the start of the program, the Team is ready to help and give advice on cycling equipment and basic bike fitting for you.

Level 1
Learn and master the technique of riding a road bike
4 weeks of training
3 Cycling sessions a week
Guidance from a professional Coach
Convenient place to practice
Final exam
Cycling license certificate
Friendly and supportive sport community
Start date
April 15
Final session
May 3

ILSS is by far the best choice I have made for cycling. From the ownership, to management, to my fellow cyclist, to the trainers, by far the nicest and most knowledgeable folks I have come across. The Trainers, especially Rinat really care and go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals. It feels like one big family who is constantly offering encouragement and that for me is the most important aspect. It’s been a life changing experience and I recommend it highly to all.

Marwa El-Moniery

Today was a remarkable day in my fitness journey proving myself that the sky is my limit.
After 37 years, I decided to challenge myself doing the Ironman 70.3 without the knowledge of cycling nor swimming, but what makes me feel confident to accomplish this challenge is knowing that I can depend on “I Love Supersport” school to teach and support me on all required skills & putting a trainings plans for me
I am really happy that I finished my cycling sessions with “I Love Cycling” school which helped me to ride a bike and learned it’s techniques, and that is why I am dedicating my achievements to my coach David and “I Love Cycling”
Thank you coach for your guidance, motivation, encouragement, support and for being patient with me.

  • What my minimum level of controlling the bike should be?

    You should already know how to control the bike and be able to balance on any bike able to

  • What should we already know, to sign up for these cycling lessons?

    Our cycling school is made specifically for an effective and fast learning process for even beginners. Even if you have never used a road bike, come to our training sessions and we will teach you.

  • What equipment will I need?

    A road bike, cycling shoes, and a helmet — you can rent a bike and a helmet. It will be nice to have a cycling uniform: cycling bib shorts and a cycling jersey.

  • Are cycling shoes necessary?

    Yes. They provide more effective pedaling, cycling shoes not only give you the chance to push down on the pedal but also to pull up increasing the efficiency. This takes time and concentration to get used to, This is why it is better to start training with clipless pedals from the beginning under the supervision of a professional Coach.

  • How does the training plan look like?

    The course is divided into 3 blocks, each week is devoted to mastering specific skills. On the last training session — exam for receiving a cycling license.

  • What should I do after the training course is over?

    After the exam you will be able to join regular groups, divided by power.