Artem Tom Moskovkin
      I Love Triathlon Coach

      Artem joined I Love Supersport team in 2019 and since then has been working with amateur athletes of different levels. His true passion to cycling and triathlon transformed into caring and goal driven coaching.

      Road race
      Cyclingrace (2022) 103km with 1,200m of elevation — 2:47:50 | 3rd place in Age Group
      Double mile Open water (2021) — 01:13:50 | 2nd place in Age Group
      Sprint triathlon
      Iron Star (2022) — 1:09:08 | 3rd place in Age Group
      Olympic triathlon
      Iron Star (2021) — 2:19:25 | 3rd place in Age Group
      Ironman 70,3
      Iron Star (2022) — 04:53:59