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Level 2

Pss, want to get faster?
Andrei Glushchenko
Artem Tom Moskovkin
Ruslan Mustafin
Rinat Mustafin
120 AED trial session
Nad Al Sheba, Al Qudra Cycle Track
What is Level 2?

Cycling Level 2 is designed for experienced cyclists and triathletes who are capable of cycling at least 20 km continuously. This program is ideal for those who wish to enhance their overall cycling endurance, strength, and group riding technique in preparation for upcoming races or to improve their cycling abilities.

The goal

We are always up for a challenge. Our clubs next goal is Coast to Coast 2023 in November as well as new Spinneys Races season.

2 sessions per week + Jebel Jais and Munay Hills rides

Besides regular workouts at DxBike and Al Qudra we organize out of city rides with safety car at Jebel Jais mountain and Munay hills.

A Team of Professional Coaches

Our Coach will be with you on every session guiding you on your speed, efficiency, and distance improving all of your cycling abilities. You will also get personal race target settings, nutrition and hydration advices and plenty of road cycling tips and techniques.

Supersport family

Our team is passionate about endurance sports and is always ready to answer any questions.

Club races
September TBA

Spinneys Build-Up Ride 1Distance: 35 km

November TBA

Gran Fondo Abu Dhabi UCIDistance: 154km

November TBA

Coast To Coast Cycle ChallengeUrban-Ultra Series
Distance: 165 km
Elevation: 1,200 m


Road bike
TT bike
Andrei Glushchenko
Artem Tom Moskovkin
DxBike Cycling Track
Speed session
Al Qudra Cycle Track
Long ride


Trial session
Location of training
Al Qudra Cycle Track
This car park is at the beginning of the Al Qudra cycle track. This also has changing rooms, restrooms and showers for cyclists. The overall length of the entire track is 86 kilometres, all routes combined. However, the main loop is 50 kilometres long.
DxBike Cycling Track
There are lush green patches, shaded seating spots, breathtaking views of Dubai’s skyline. Accessible for 24 hours a day for free, the tracks are well-lit and safe. Cycling loop is aprox. 9k, running track is available. Infrastructure: parking, shower & locker is free of change
Level 2
Pss, want to get faster?
2 Cycling sessions per week
Guidance from a professional Coaches
Convenient places to practice
Staff and medical support
Friendly and supportive sport community
Challenge or race targets
Chat with 24/7 reach to the ILSS Team
Monthly out of city adventures
120 AED trial session
Nad Al Sheba, Al Qudra Cycle Track
Still have queries?
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Additional discount will be added when purchasing multiple months of training at once:

- 2 or 3 months — 5%

- 4 or 5 months — 10%

- 6 or 7 months —15%

- 8+ months — 20%


I started cycling with I Love Supersport to get fit, have better endurance.I quickly liked the group and made new friends. The coaches are amazing and very supportive. Thanks ILSS for this support and for making this group a family.

Marwa El-Moniery

Today was a remarkable day in my fitness journey proving myself that the sky is my limit.
After 37 years, I decided to challenge myself doing the Ironman 70.3 without the knowledge of cycling nor swimming, but what makes me feel confident to accomplish this challenge is knowing that I can depend on “I Love Supersport” school to teach and support me on all required skills & putting a trainings plans for me
I am really happy that I finished my cycling sessions with “I Love Cycling” school which helped me to ride a bike and learned it’s techniques, and that is why I am dedicating my achievements to my coach David and “I Love Cycling”
Thank you coach for your guidance, motivation, encouragement, support and for being patient with me.

  • What equipment will I need?

    A bike, cycling shoes, and a helmet. It is also more comfortable to ride in cycling kit — jersey and cycling shorts.

  • Are cycling shoes necessary?

    Yes. Gives more effective pedaling— circular pedaling, cycling shoes not only give you the chance to push down on the pedal but also to pull up, «increasing» the efficiency. This takes time and concentration to get used to it, This is why it is better to start training with contact pedals from the beginning under the supervision of a professional cycling Coach.

  • Can I rent the equipment?

    Yes, in all of our cycling locations you can rent a bike and a helmet. But you have to have your own cycling shoes.