Kids Swimming "Dream It. Swim It."

From level 0 to 200-meter swims!
Mary Joy Alcantara
Natalia Pankina
From level 0 to 200-meter swims!
Duration of training
January 3 - March 27
Price 12 classes 


What is in the program?

ILSS Kids Swimming is unique swimming system for kids aged 3 - 14 years old.

The name of the system is “Dream It. Swim It.”

ILSS Kids System are done through a special method created by professionals, who has a many years experience to work with kids in the swimming.

The lessons are built based on personality and features of the kids development period.

“Dream It. Swim It.” system includes 7 levels which fit to different swimming goals which will help to become stronger, faster and to get confident with the water.

Professional coaches turn each lesson into an exciting and beneficial activity for your child.

Each Swimmer (no matter what is the Level or Age) will have a Swimmer’s Profile which will show clearly what is progress based on the factors such as

Attendance, Discipline and Effort during the Training.

Benefits of the Swimmer’s Profile:

➡️parents can track regularly their child’s progress and improvement;

➡️motivation to the kids to go to the upper level.

Your child will grow and improve in a healthy, athletic, safe and goal-oriented community!

ILSS Kids Swimming “Dream It. Swim It.” includes:

1, 2 or even 3 swimming sessions a week.

2 sessions will be held in a swimming pool and one session every week will run in the open water / sea (only for confident swimmers).

Open water training includes the fitness activities before the kids go to swim.

Open Water training help kids to build and increase their endurance and release the fear to swim in the sea.

Schedule and locations:


Raffles International School (South Campus)

Time: 5 PM - 7 PM


Next Generation School (Al Barsha 3)

Time: 11 AM - 13 PM


Kite beach (Beside Salt Café)

Time: 9 AM -10.15 AM

Level 1

Goal - I Can Swim 5m

Level 2

Goal - I Can Swim 15m

Level 3

Goal - I Can Swim 25m

Level 4

Goal - I Can Swim 50m

Level 5

Goal - I Can Swim 50m Freestyle in Under 1 minute

Level 6

Goal - I Can Swim 25m each stroke

Level 7

Goal - I Can Swim 200m freestyle & 200m IM

Swim Squad

Goal - Personal Best Results, Events Participation

Program's features
The Coach is with kids

The Coach is with kids in (Level 1 to Level 3) or out of the water based on the level of the group’s swimming abilities. ILSS Team has a well-experienced coaches who knows how to improve the swimming technique and give right tips to motivate the child for the result. All our trainings are saved and secure.

Healthy habit for the life

Swimming improves all group of muscles including joint and ligaments and movement coordination.


End of Term Swimming Gala

This is a Big Event for the kids and the parents. Each child will receive certificates for their achievements.

Kids Swimming "Dream It. Swim It."
From level 0 to 200-meter swims!
Included in the program
3 months of training
1 to 3 swimming sessions per week
1 open water swimming session
60 min trainings
Guidance from a professional coach
Training sessions in Dubai
Convenient places to practice
From level 0 to 200-meter swims!
Duration of training
January 3 - March 27
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Price 12 classes 


Still have queries?
We will call you at time of your conveniency and answer to all your questions:
  • How many kids in the group?

    Beginers Level (Level 1 - 3) : 4 kids per coach / coach is inside the water Development (Level 4-6): 8 kids per coach / coach is outside the water. Level 7 and Sqaud: up to 16 kids per coach / coach is outside the water.

  • What is the duration of each trainning?

    Each class is 60 mins. Swim Squad can reach 90 mins.

  • What is the Fees structure? Any discount available?

    Fees structure is based on the Term payment. We provide sibling discounts.

  • What is the water temperature in the pools?

    All pools are heated. The minimum temperature is +30 degrees during the winter time.

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