Desert Run

Try running on sand and enjoy astonishing Al Qudra desert
Egor Mishutin
Rinat Mustafin
Trail running
June 11
Desert running

Join an amazing run in the stunning Al Qudra Desert. Experience the beauty of the sand dunes and vast open spaces as we embark on an unforgettable adventure!

Get stronger
Running on sand has many benefits! - unstable surface of sand engages your muscles in a different way, helping to improve strength and stability - soft nature of sand reduces impact on your joints, making it easier and safer for joints - resistance offered by sand enhances your cardiovascular endurance, leading to improved overall fitness
Learn new technique
Trail running in the desert has its own technique. Learn the proper landing position and arm movement on dunes! Also, running on sand helps you enhance your road running technique!
Stunning views
Recharge your mind with wonderful views of nature outside of urban. Enjoy the beautiful views while watching the sunrise!
Be safe
Our experienced coach will provide comprehensive safety measures, including guiding the group, carrying essential first aid and emergency supplies
Join the community
Become part of a supportive community, where you can connect with fellow runners, share experiences, and be inspired to achieve your goals together


Al Qudra
Egor Mishutin
Rinat Mustafin
Long run


  • Where do we meet?

    We will meet in Last Exit Al Qudra. Link for your Google navigator: https://goo.gl/maps/k1QguUyw6wvSowTh9

  • What time should I arrive?

    The workout starts at 4:50am. It's better to arrive a bit earlier.

  • What equipment shoud I bring?

    Running in a desert requires some special equipment like gaiters however our run will be entry-level and special equipment is not necessary. There is a list of things that are recommended to take with you. Our coach will provide you with this list.

  • How hard is the route?

    The run won't be hard but it's not for complete beginners in running. The workout will be no longer than 2.5 hours.

Al Qudra
Desert Run
Try running on sand and enjoy astonishing Al Qudra desert