Exon Anonuevo Sayo
      Swimming coach

      Exon was a professional swimmer in the Philippines from year 1992 to 2002. And has competed in the national level swimming competition for three times and won a gold Medal in Individual Medley. He also won gold medals in Front Crawl and Butterfly in regional major swimming competitions. And participated in a sprint Triathlon back in the Philippines. He worked as a Swimming Instructor in the Philippines from year 2000 to 2011. Exon moved to Dubai in 2011, he had worked at an aquatic facility with waterpark, beach and water sports facilities as a senior open water lifeguard. During this time, he also develops his teaching skills and qualifications to enable him to follow his passion. He then worked as a swimming instructor of a Health Club of a five-star hotel from 2015 to 2018, and worked with Fitness First as a Swimming Instructor in November 2018 to December 2020. He develops his passion in swimming when he was four years old and has continue to grow until now and is now teaching Swimming for almost 2 decades.

      The Australian Strength and Conditioning Association
      Level 2, 2020
      IDEA Health & Fitness Association
      Today's Youth. Tomorrow's Athlete, 2020
      MBRU Community Immunity Ambassador Program of Covid-19
      UAE AID, 2020
      Swimming Teachers' Association
      Level 2 Safety Award for Teachers, 2019 Motion, Body Position, Breathing by Straight-Line Swimming, 2019 School Swimming Academy, 2019 School Swimming Academy CPO, 2020
      The Academy by Fitness First
      Nutrition Basics, 2019
      Highfield Level 2 International award
      Pool Lifeguarding, 2018
      Highfield HABC Level 2 International Award
      Emergency First Aid, Defibrillation, CPR, 2018
      American Swimming Coaches Association
      Level 1, 2013