I Love Supersport Franchise

I Love Supersport — worlds largest endurance school. We teach adults running, swimming, cycling, skiing and triathlon in 54 cities and 8 countries — Russia, Estonia, Latvia, UAE, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.

We offer you to become a partner on the terms of franchisee in your city. We pass on experience and marketing strategy, train and support - from designing social networks to federal sports programs.

All of our branches are organized by sports enthusiasts. If your city doesn’t have enough correct sport schools, maybe, the time has come to start one.

25 000
We offer
Unified access to the branch network
Marketing support
Coach and staff training and certification
Sports methodics and know-how
Access to knowledge base
Regular partner meetings
How we teach
Methodic know-how

In the past five years, we have developed and mastered the process of preparation for amateur races - from the 5 km races to the mountain marathons, from the first 500 meters swim to the Bosphorus swim. We pass on the basics of preparing students, plans for weekly sports lessons, nuances of communication with customers and travel arrangements.

Marketing support

We provide a single identity, brand book, affiliate programs, website template and help with setting up internal processes.

Regular training of coaches and staff

We explain the concept, we teach the marketing. We share the most effective practitioners and training material.

Single mission

We dream to involve __% of the world’s population into doing sports. We believe that if only __% of society changes for the better, the majority will gradually tighten, and the daily reality of our world will change after the majority. Together we will change the future.

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