Personal planning

Get ready for any goals on an exclusive plan with a super coach
1-6 months
Who will personal planning Suit?

We opened the possibility of offline triathlon training for those who need an individual approach, as well as the ability to change their training schedule depending on the circumstances of life.

Personal planning is also great for anyone who lives in cities not yet covered by the I Love Supersport Triathlon network.

Benefits of personal support
Only your plan

The coach writes a plan based on your goals and current fitness. Therefore, from each workout you can squeeze the maximum. In addition, you are in constant personal contact with the coach and can request corrections to the plan. Are you going on a business trip and can only run? We take into account! Got sick? You will get rest days and gradual introduction back into service, so as not to harm your health.

Combining goals

If you want to run a marathon on the way to the half-iron distance, we can combine the plan so that you show a worthy place in the marathon and do not harm the preparation for your main goal. And if you yourself do not know which intermediate goals to choose, the coach will advise the distances and the time period where these starts will be most useful for you.

Video analysis

It is not necessary to work with a coach live to adjust the technique. At the start of the program and once a month in the future, you can send fragments of your workouts to a mentor, and he will note mistakes in technique, making your classes more effective and warning you of injuries.

Training Diary in Training Peaks

This application is the most popular program to work with coaches in the world. You will always see what the coach requires, and he - how do you deal with it. The program has a unique system of rendering your fatigue and physical form, which helps the coach to assess the student’s condition, even when it is not possible to see him with your own eyes.

Ability to add personal or team trainings

No matter the advantages of remote training, you may have a desire to meet with the coach - check the technique or discuss goals. You can add personal training at any time of preparation. And if you and the coach live in different cities, you can attend a personal or team training in any of our 54 branches.

Tips and plans for the race

When the coveted day of the race comes, you will know exactly what to do at each meter of the distance. Based on the entire training cycle, a detailed race plan will be formed for you. Also, the coach will share a lot of life hacks: from how to pass the transit zone faster to how to choose the right hotel and flight.

Included in the program
Personal training plan
Combining goals
Direct communication with the coach
Unlimited plan adjustments
Video analysis
Keeping to Training Peaks
Race plan
Discounts from our partners
The ability to add personal training
1-6 months
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  • What is the minimum level for this program?

    You must have one triathlon in the background of any distance or be fluent in all three sports separately.