Personal planning

Get ready for any goals on an exclusive plan with a super coach.
1-6 months
Who will personal planning Suit?

If you want to prepare for the goal, but the schedule does not allow to adapt to group workouts or live in a city where there is no branch I Love Swimming. Personal planning is for you. We will select the perfect coach and take into account your personal wishes.

If you have already mastered the technique of swimming and confidently feel yourself on the water, but train chaotically and do not feel progress. A training plan will make every trip to the pool efficient and will allow you to prepare well for any swim.

If you lose motivation by exercising yourself. If you are looking for an experienced mentor. The coach will be in touch and support, answer questions and monitor the implementation of tasks. The plan disciplines and allows you to visualize the path to the goal.

Benefits of personal support
Only your plan

The coach writes a plan based on your goals and current fitness. The individual plan also takes into account the characteristics of the personal schedule of the swimmer and is adjusted if necessary.

Periodization of the training process

If you want to swim a few different starts for the season, let the coach know about it. This will build in the heats of the plan so that they help on the way to the main goal. The coach will help set the priority of the starts, recommend intermediate goals and take into account in the periodization of the training plan special liner to the competition. This will allow progressing, setting personal records without harm to health and preparing for a key start.

Individual training

No matter how many advantages remote training, you may want to meet with the coach - hone technique, work out key exercises or discuss goals. In the I Love Swimming school, you can take one or more personal training with a coach in any available branch. Learn more about individual workouts on this page.

Plan and recommendations for the swim

In any sport, tactics and strategy are important for the successful passage of a distance. When the race day of the swim comes, you will know exactly what to do. Based on the entire training cycle, the trainer will give recommendations on nutrition, orientation during distances and form a plan for the swim.

Coach and Staff Support

The coach will be in touch to answer a question or adjust the plan. You will be able to clarify the details of the plan or execution of the exercise, discuss the goals and other training nuances. Also next will be the headquarters coordinator who will help on organizational issues and advise on individual training.

Personal planning
Get ready for any goals on an exclusive plan with a super coach.
Included in the program
Personal training plan
All goals of a season to be considered while forming a training plan
Direct communication with the coach
Unlimited plan adjustments
Swimming plan
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Optional: individual training
1-6 months
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