Fall in love with running outside of the city life and enjoy Dubai’s stunning nature
Ole Broom
Rinat Mustafin
Simon Muhia Wanjiru
Svetlana Shutina
Location of trainings:Al QudraDubai American AcademyZabeel Park
Location of trainings:Al Qudra, Dubai American Academy, Zabeel Park
Price For 2 months 


What is in the program?

If you are tired of the same old road running, want to try something new or would like to improve you trail running abilities and knowledge, join our Trail Running Group available now!

Dive into our super Trail Running universe and enjoy the correct running technique without any injuries.

TRAIL PASS is a great way to experience running in natural and wild environment and get ready for any Desert/Mountain race of your dream!

Schedule: 2 session per week


Train Running session 6:00 AM (Al Qudra)

➡️Optional one of the track sessions:

Tuesday/Saturday 19:30 PM (Dubai American Academy)

Join us now, super runner!

Program's features
Super coaches and supportive sport community

The training sessions are 90 minutes long and are held with an awesome, inspiring group of people and a well experienced coaches. Meet new energetic, progressive and open minded friends and be trained by the best coaches team - Simon, Ole, Svetlana and Rinat.

Work on your technique

Trail running in the desert sand helps you enhance your running technique since when running on sand you are forced to land your foot on the mid-front part on it, lean your body forward and your arms are also engaged more in the sand due to the fact that you need more of a push which is the absolute correct way to run.

If you have ane knee problems, running on the sand and dunes can help you train safely without hurting your knees. Sand is a soft surface which applies less pressure on your knees.

Final run

At the end of the course, all of the students will be offered to have a final run where everyone will use all of the endurance, knowledge and practice of trail running in a challenging distance of their choice.

Beautiful location

Recharge your mind with wonderful views of nature outside of urban.

Fall in love with running outside of the city life and enjoy Dubai’s stunning nature
Included in the program
2 or 4 months of training
2 running sessions per week
Guidance from a professional coach
Work on your running technique
Training sessions in Dubai
Staff and medical support
Friendly and supportive sport community
Get prepared to run the wildest trail runs!
Duration of training
2 months, 4 months
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Price For 2 months 


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