Level 1

Learn to enjoy running under the guidance of professional coaches
Egor Mishutin
Joshua Matenjwa
AED 800
Dubai American Academy, indoors
What is in the program?

Start training the right way, with professional coaches for your first 5k run!

The Level 1 package includes:

✅ 2 group running sessions a week, where our coach will give you some fun but challenging running sets appropriate for your level. He will also assess your running technique and give you tips on how to run efficiently and to prevent injuries

✅ A training plan from our coach on TrainingPeaks with “homework” to keep up consistency and improve your running endurance and speed.

✅ Finally, a final 5k run, where you’ve got to show what you have been training for and receive a cool medal after!

Let’s learn to enjoy running under a guidance of our SUPER coach!

4 weeks of training
2 running sessions a week with a professional coach
Home training plan
Schedule for independent work and additional materials
Convenient location
Professional running track
Sports community
Regular activities will help to find people who are close in spirit
Our methods

We teach our runners to run naturally, focusing on the step rhythm, correct body positioning, and landing properly on the middle part of the foot. We include special running exercises aimed at improving all elements of the running step - run fast, yet safely.


Weak muscles are easy to traumatize, and that’s why we give attention for the general physical state of the sportsman - a special exercise aimed at strengthening muscles and ligaments - and stretching. You will feel the difference: running will become much easier and you get tired less.


The secret to stamina training - control of your heart rate. You will be taught to run fast at your “target heart rate”. The coach will select exercises according to each individual’s heart rate zones, and the periods of the program will be laid out perfectly to prepare the runner for the end race, in the best shape possible.


Days of training are alternating with the days of rest - the days when the new muscles are being grown and the old ones are recovering, ligaments and sinews are strengthening. Thus while resting you recover and gain strength.

Start of the program

Dubai American Academy
Egor Mishutin
Level 1


1 Sep — 30 SepFull course
Location of training
Dubai American Academy
Outdoor/Indoor track
Level 1
Learn to enjoy running under the guidance of professional coaches
4 weeks of training
2 running sessions a week
Training plan with homework
Guidance from professional coaches
Work on your running technique
Convenient places to practice
Friendly and supportive sport community
AED 800
Dubai American Academy, indoors
Still have queries?
We will answer you on WhatsApp:
  • Running three times a week? I’m fatigued after a short run.

    All training days are alternated with recovery days - this is when the new muscles are growing, and ligaments and sinews are strengthening. The coach will supervise you and your health and make any necessary adjustments to the training program.

  • Are you sure I’m capable of running such a distance?

    All it takes is to start. The secret of running for long distances is being able to control your own heart rate. Learning to do so will allow you to run for long distances without getting exhausted.

  • Running is so hard for me! What can I do?

    It’s always the hardest at the start. Besides just running, our program includes lots of general physical exercise for strengthening muscles and ligaments. In two weeks time, running will become much easier.

  • Why isn’t the course shorter?

    The experiences of runners finishing our program have shown that 4 weeks is just enough time to get the right running techniques.

  • Why isn’t the course longer?

    After the course you can set another goal and join a course to get ready for 10K, 21K or even a full marathon!