Ole Broom
      Trail Running Coach

      Hailing from Norway, Ole has been in the fitness industry ‘practically since birth’, having his first paid client in 1996 while working in the army in South Lebanon. After an open-back surgery in 2015 he really got into Trail, Desert & Ultra Running. From not having been able to train for 6 months, Ole did only 9 weeks of training and successfully completed the 257km Marathon des Sables in Morocco, 2016. Since 2016, Ole has competed in numerous local and international Ultra distance events, such as Marathon des Sables two times, Ultra X Jordan, Hajjar 100, and many others. Most recently he won the mentally and physically demanding Back Yard Ultra Race with 29hrs of continuous running; or 200km. In his coaching, Ole uses a no-nonsense approach, passing on his skills, passion, and mindset to ensure you reach your running and fitness goals. Ole says ‘don’t let anyone tell you that ‘you can’t’, just because they can’t’.