FAQ Half Iron training
We have prepared for you the answers to the most frequently asked questions on the training program for the Half Iron distance
In addition to the frequently asked questions we wrote an article about life hacks for training and finishing the race. This is our personal experience and the experience of our students. Read and share with your friends.
How the training program is structured?
The basis of the training program is a detailed WEEKLY training plan and group training with the coach and team. Before the beginning of the new week you will receive a detailed homework for the next 7 days in all three sports disciplines, strength training and advises on nutrition and recovery. You will have coached sessions twice a week (4 hours in total), (s)he will see your current state and progress, answer questions and guide you all the time.

What sport level should I have to join the training group?
You should be able to swim freestyle for 500m. If it's a problem we recommend you to complete Level 1 at school I LOVE SWIMMING and it will immediately cease to be a problem. Bike - you need basic riding skills. Usually, we acquire them in childhood. Running — 10 km is desirable and at least one year of running experience. If you can do more — great, there will be a faster progress.

Can I get ready for another race , not the one you have chosen?
Yes, of course. If it matches the dates you can easily choose another triathlon event. We will happily adjust for you the program and discuss with you all the details and nuances of any of these races.

What equipment do I need for self-training sessions?

You will need a few special items for swimming training — elastic band (for dry-lane exercises) and goggles. these are not expensive to buy.
The most difficult and expensive discipline in the triathlon is the bike. You will need a road bike suitable for training in the group. For the start you can find cheap and used one. We can help you if you need assistance. Or any discounted one at one of the shops of our partners. Also you need to get cycling or triathlon shoes, helmet, glasses and cycling suit. For the homework you will need indoor bike trainer - it is a simple stand that clamps the rear wheel of the bike and allows you to do any workout at home. For running you don't need anything in particular. Only sport shoes and gear.

Do I need to pay swimming pool fees?
No, the cost of renting the pool for group sessions is included in the program cost.

Which bike do I need for the training?
To prepare for the Half Iron distance you will need a road bike suitable for group training. This type of bike is the most basic and universal. Time trial bike you can buy in addition to road one for training and participation in long distance triathlons. We are training in the group so time trial bike will not be suitable.

Are there any special offers on the purchase of sports equipment/gear for the participants of the program?

Yes, we have several partner stores where you can get a discount on everything that you need for triathlon - from sport watches to bicycle, from sport gear to nutrition gels.

What is the average time per week will the training take?
You will train 5-6 days a week. On average, 1-1.5 hours a day, Monday and Friday group sessions will be longer, about 2 hours. Closer to the race sessions can become longer. But if we talk about weekdays one hour per day on sports can always be found.

Is it possible to combine this program with a full time job and family?
We're going to practice almost every day, therefore it is necessary to coordinate your plans for the duration of the program with the family. Friday training can take up to 2.5 hours. You can involve your husband or wife (or a friend) in the group and train together!

How many people are in the group?
The group consists of 5-8 people which makes the training process pretty personalized while maintaining the energy and dynamics of the team!

Who are they?
They are the same fun and crazy people in a good way like us. Aged 25 to 60, successful, interesting, bright! So the group is also good networking place.

How will we train in the same group if we have different levels?
In the first week of the program you will be assessed in all three sports and will become a part of the group of your level. These groups can train together or separately. However, the training plans you will be receiving will differ. Plus all training sessions will be built on the pulse and tempo zones of yours.

What metrics do you use to track the progress of students?
In swimming we use CSS figure (critical speed sim / threshold swim speed), and it helps to calculate the volume of training. We will measure this indicator regularly to see progress. It is easy to determine the figure by a test of 200 m + 400 m.
On the bike the main indicator for us is the LTHR (Lactate Theshold Heart Rate / heart rate threshold of anaerobic metabolism), which is measured during the 20 minute test on the bike (more detailed test you can do with Dr Ramzy Ross in our office). The whole program will be based on this index.
To determine a starting point and then progress in running, we use the Conconi test which is very convenient to determine with the coach at the stadium or on the running track. This test shows the current level of the threshold of anaerobic metabolism during the run and allows to build a training program very thorough.

If suddenly I have a change of circumstances (went on a business trip, workload, etc.), is it possible to adjust training program and what to do in this case?

You will need to tell the coordinator and the coach about it in advance so they can adjust the program. If you go to one of the cities where there is I LOVE RUNNING, then you can join them in running or swimming classes. So business trips and travelling are not excuses to skip sessions!

Is there any medical support in this program?
During this program you will be advised to undergo some medical tests and screenings.
Firstly, you will have a practical seminar on the basics of health, first aid, nutrition, recovery with your coach. Lecture is included in the cost of the program.
Secondly, we are collaborating with Dr Ramzy Ross (First Performance Consultancy) who can run with you physiological tests like VO2 and Lactate Profiling, Body Composition, Sweat Sodium testing, etc. These will help to indicate your current level of performance and target a goal towards one you will be training. Special discounts for students provided.
Thirdly, you can visit our partner Dubai Bone and Joint Center for the first consultation for free and then carry on (if needed) with the medical assistance.
Finally, during the program you can always ask your coach for the medical advice so (s)he will be able to refer you to the right doctor.

This will be my first half iron. Will be there some support on the race day?
Definitely. The team of I LOVE TRIATHLON will support, motivate you until the finish line and celebrate the accomplishment! If you join one of the Ironstar races you will feel the support even more - these events are popular among our students from different offices!

I have heard that in a long distance triathlon it is very important to have the right nutrition during the race. Will you educate us on it?
Yes. You will have a lecture on all necessary aspects of triathlon (including nutrition. Our coaches will teach you all the intricacies of proper nutrition before, during and after the race.

What will I get in the Starter Pack?
— pass for all group sessions in your program
— I LOVE RUNNING water bottle
— branded string bag for your gear
— ILR Family membership card (discounts scheme)

Will be there any breaks during holidays?
No. We follow the tactics: "It's holiday time so it's more time to train :)". However, if you have plans you can always follow the training plan by yourself and ask for guidance from your coach!

Will there be any intermediate competitions or we will go directly to Half Iron event (Ironstar or any other of your choice)?
In summer you can participate in the INDOOR Triathlon to get a taste of the competition. Plus you can participate in any of the short distances (sprint or olympic) in Europe but ask for an advice (and permission :) ) from the coach. In addition you can take a part in running, swimming or cycling events only.
During the season in UAE (Autumn-Spring) you can participate in a wide range of the events but always remember to chat with the coach prior to signing up.

Can I pay for the program by installments?
Yes. You can pay in monthly installments of AED 1350 each.

Will be there any discount for I LOVE RUNNING Family members?
Yes. We have loyalty program that will give you discount if you have already graduated from one of our schools.

Will I be ready to finish Half Iron distance?
We have already started to train for the half iron distance. You still can join the group!
Or call our manager office +971 4 554 3234 and ask any questions you have
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