Running is our love.
Let's run together!

Train in the best team with the supercoach for 8 weeks and
achieve the ambitious and amazing sport goal!

The biggest school of natural running in the world!

What is I Love Supersport RUNNING school about?
To finish 10k, 21k or 42k distance
and discover a new you.
The first sports goal. The first training session. The first race. The first finish and the first medal. All of these - with the smile on your face! Train with us and finish 10k - we promise you will fall in love with running immediately and for life.

To finish 21.1k is not as difficult as it seems. Especially when you train with an experienced coach and with the world's best team. Imagine: after two months of training you finish your first Half Marathon, will get the well deserved medal and limitless respect from friends and colleagues!
The distance that requires a thorough preparation. And yet it is a real challenge for yourself. So challenge yourself! You will run your 42.2k with ease surrounded by like-minded people and a great coach!
No need to rush. Try single class before
joining the full program
We work hard everyday to make our students make progress and feel happy.
Apply to book your first group or personal session. Our manager will contact you shortly and tell more.
Upcoming presentation and program:
Train for Rosa Run Festival (21k)
or any race in the UAE (10/21k)
Date: February 25, 7pm
Location: I Love Supersport office
off. 103-104, Mazaya Business Avenue BB2
8 weeks
Why not shorter?
Positive experience of 15 000 graduates-finishers shows that this time is just enough to put proper running technique into practice, develop the necessary level of endurance for completing this distance and adapt body to new stress.
Why not longer?
When the target is far away there is a risk to postpone the sessions for later and eventually lose focus and motivation.
What if I want to prepare for marathon?
We have our advanced runner group where team prepares for longer distances like 42k. Training program is usually last between 4 to 6 months.
During the training you will learn proper and safe running technique, improve health, get used to regular workouts and active lifestyle, learn the basics of good nutrition, find new friends and achieve the ambitious sport goal!
But to reach this goal you need to have an exact training plan with particular timeframe.
Meet us
Program presentation in our office
8 weeks of training
2 coached sessions per week, weekly training plan, S&C exercises and ILSS team support
race day
Final race and after-party
Yes. Special methodics based on a gradual introduction of newcomers to sport with focus on safe and correct technique and continuous support of professional coaches.
«Will I fall in love with running if I didn't get along with it from childhood?»
Our supercoaches will train you like a pro and bring you to the finish line with the smile on your face
Natalia Sedykh
Certified personal and group coach (FPA: Russia and ISSA: USA)
Professional consultant on nutrition
Certified kinesiotaping specialist KT1, KT2, KT3

Winner of the Marathon Des Sables 2016, 251k, Morocco
She has won various races and took multiple podiums as well here in the UAE and worldwide

Tue: 7.30pm, Sat: 7am - Palm Jumeirah Running Track
Mon: 7.30pm, Fri: 7.30am - Sports City Sport Park
4 main training focuses
Тренировка силы
Strength VS.
«Training is exhausting»
It is going to be hard only in the beginning. In addition to running drills, sessions include S&C exercises to strengthen the muscles and ligaments. By the end of the second week you will feel that running has become easier and less tiring.
Тренировки на выносливость
Stamina VS.
«I won't finish such distance»
Just start. The secret to endurance training is to run in heart rate zones: when you learn how to use it you will be able to run for a long time and with pleasure. On the first session you will run test kilometer and in the end of the program already the targeted distance.

Тренировка техники
Technique VS.
«There is always something in pain»
Like any other skill proper technique should be trained. For this we included special running drills: with its help you will work out the elements of the running stride and forget about injuries.
Восстановление после тренировок
Recovery VS.
«After the run I'm tired for a week»
Training days are followed by rest days: exactly at this time you improve — there is a process of muscle building, ligaments and tendons are becoming stronger. Resting you recover and become stronger.

Find your team and move towards your goal together
Like-minded people who will be with you
during the sport journey
Sport, live chat, humour and a cheerful mood for the whole day — that's how we do it. For those who are still thinking we are offering free trial. You wouldn't want to leave.
We are interested to know each other outside of the running track and chat with cool runners in an informal setting, so we regularly do cheerful breakfasts where having a great time.
Common goals
Look in one direction means to move towards the goal even faster, overcome difficulties easier, be happy for the victories of each other more and celebrate the long-awaited finish line louder.
Graduates continue to communicate even after the end of the program. Some find love, not only for sports.
All this is real
with ILSS team support
Organisational moments
Arrange the convenient schedule and group taking into account running experience and personal schedule. Book training facilities and other to train comfortably.
We appreciate the moments, not numbers. It is important to record the results and indicators moving towards the goal but more importantly to keep in memory the bright moments of joy when you once again jump higher than you ever could. We take care of it and regularly make photo reports of training.
Twice a week - sessions with a coach; two or three times per week - self-training. Homework is being sent weekly to you so it makes easier to plan the week and travel arrangements.
Inspiring messages
No spam: only fun and useful information.
I Love Supersport RUNNING training:
Пробежать полумарафон на озере Гарда
Run 10k, 21k or 42k (distance can be shortened due to coach recommendation)
Пробежать полумарафон на озере Гарда
8 weeks or longer for marathon program. Start of the training groups is launching every month. 2 sessions per week with the coach. Thorough weekly training plans
Пробежать полумарафон на озере Гарда
Training in a group provides additional motivation and helps to find new friends
Пробежать полумарафон на озере Гарда
Professional approach, unique system. Training on proper running tracks.
Пробежать полумарафон на озере Гарда
ILSS team
We will solve all administrative issues and always stay in touch!
How much will it cost to reach desired goal that can change your life?
The cost of 8 weeks training program is
AED 1000

The cost of the marathon training program
is calculated based on the number of training weeks.

for presentation and training
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