How does extra body weight affect your running progress?

Our coach, Natalia Sedykh, about the body weight for runners
This time let's talk about body weight as one of the important factors that affects your running performance. Why should we care about it, what weight should we have for training and race participating?

Natalia Sedykh
How much to train to lose weight?
One of the most popular questions for new runners seeking coaches' advice is the body weight. More truly, they keep asking a coach how many km should they run and which magic exercises should they do to lose weight.

The thing is that people can do even 50 km run and a lot of high intensity workout per day but there is no warranty that they will have no extra weight. The body issue is not about how to spend calories only, but it is also about how to control incoming calories as well. The more physical activities we have the more energy our body needs. Then body reacts and, as a result, we have increased appetite. If we have no nutrition control – we will eat a lot, so we will gain the body weight. Therefore, it would be wrong to assume that professional athletes can allow themselves eat whatever and whenever they want.

If you are doing a lot of training and dreaming about sport achievements, you should care about your nutrition more than any other person: what, how many and when do you eat. Just imagine that you have sport car and you want it to be the first. For sure, you would care about the proper fuel and technical checking up at time. There is the analogy with your sport body. The more food does not mean the more energy. The body is able to metabolize the current amount of energy from one meal. All extra calories will be stored as a fat.

You should always remember that extra body weight definitely:
  • increases the risk of injures that can be inherent in often high impact activities;
  • significantly increases the HR and overloads the heart system during even easy physical activity;
  • affects in undesirable way the running form and technique.

Running with extra body weight is not forbidden but you need to be careful with your training.

How can you assess your body weight by your own?
Count your BMI (Body Mass Index is your weight (in kg) over your height squared (in cm)). Knowing that:
BMI is less than 18.5
Normal weight
BMI is 18.5 to 24.9
BMI is 25 to 29.9
BMI is 30 or more
If you want to be efficient in regular running training, it is good to have BMI 18.5-22.
Obviously, that fixing the body weight is the first step of any training program. Do not ignore it if you are interested in sport achievements and long healthy active lifestyle.
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