Running shoes: the right model for you

Our coach, Natalia Sedykh, about the right choice of running shoes
There is a vast range of sport running shoes available on the market today. This is very useful. Experienced athletes remember that time when finding some proper running shoes was a real problem. Fortunately, nowadays we have completely another situation: each popular sport brand has at least a few different running models of shoes. It has become more difficult to choose footwear for yourself.

I do not tend to tell my students which sport brand and model exactly they should wear at the training due to individual features that each of us has. What is good for one can be not suitable for another.

Natalia Sedykh
There are some important factors to keep in mind when choosing the shoes:
The level of sport preparation (experienced runner or beginner);
Extra Body weight existence and individual features of state of feet (flat feet, hyper pronation issue);
Surfaces that you are training at.
You should know that asphalt, titles, concrete are the most aggressive kinds of surfaces. Any high impact activity there can be not so safe, especially, for beginner's feet. For beginners I recommend to choose running shoes with good stability and cushion. Personally, I am a supporter of wearing individual sport orthotics. I put it in all of my sport shoes (just have one pair of orthotics and use it for all sport shoes that you have). It is a good strategy if you are running a lot.

In case you are not experienced athlete and do not have perfect state of fitness you will not get a lot of benefits from expensive specific running shoes that were created for Olympic champions. Most likely, you will raise the risk of being injured due to small weight and high flexibility of the shoes.

Some sports stores can test your foot shape and tell you which kind of shoes are best for you individually. Try plenty of styles and brands before you buy anything.

Whichever shoes you take – make sure that they are really comfortable for your and you like the pair. Do not forget to listen to yourself, what your body says as a feedback when you try particular running shoes. Avoid any advertisements and offers as they might run you off the right choice.

How long is the life of my running shoes?
It depends on a few factors: how often you are using it, how much is your weigh, how well you care about them.

Please note that your running success depends not on shoes type only. Yes, it is important but not as much as we tend to think. While thinking about proper shoes for your running sessions pay attention to doing special running feet gymnastics and drills. Doing this work can help you to build good strength of the feet and improve your running style and techniques.

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