Proper running technique: myth or reality?

Our coach, Natalia Sedykh, about the running technique
Not running techniques only can turn us into the efficient runner. Do not get it wrong, we are not going to belittle the technique importance for runners as proper form affects our running performance. However, what exactly is the Long Distance Running Technique? Let's clarify how we should understand this notion.

Natalia Sedykh
Your running technique
Running technique – it is the way that our body moves. It is obvious that running is not just legs movement. Your body is capable to run due to balanced combination of different actions, such as legs' and arms' actions and torso posture maintaining as well.

It is also important to note that there is no unique running technique for all, as of my experience. Everyone is different: we have different body's height and weight, different length of upper and lower limbs, individual experience of being injured, etc. So all of these affects the way how our body moves. That why it's more correct to use not the words "Right" or "Proper" but rather "Optimal" kind of technique for everyone.

By the way, people learn how to run at the age of 1.5-2 years old by themselves. Let's take a look at the baby's run. It's very funny, isn't it? It's obviously that baby person has no idea about running techniques. There is no need to explain him or her how to run, but not because of his/her inability to understand you – it's because (s)he will not able to change anything while (s)he has such kind of very young poorly controlled body. Growing up the body naturally improves muscle strength, balance, coordination capability and neuromuscular connection. The body's way of running looks already more efficient and well organized.

Prepare yourself for running training
Actually, in a similar manner we can speak of adult beginner's way of running. While we do not have well controlled and strong body, you cannot expect perfect technique in running activity. The point is that our body already knows how to run and we are not able to control it totally during our long distance races.

In reality we are only able to control it only sometimes at our training sessions but not always. Moreover, if we do time targeting tough race all we think about is to never register for the long distance running event in our life and where finish line is!

Therefore, we can say that running technique is the way that our body moves based on physical capabilities that it has. So it's the effect of our abilities and work.

It's not hard to predict that weak untrained heavy body is only able to perform poor kind of technique, whilst a strong well balanced and coordinated body is able to implement nice and efficient running movement.

That is why it is important to not just dream about technique improvement and expecting a magical coach to teach you the new way of movement but work hard on your body and strengthen it.

Before dreaming about right technique ask yourself a few questions:
Is your body light enough?
Is your body strong enough?
Is your body well-coordinated and balanced enough?
Remember that the secret of long distance running success lies in naturalness. Let your body moves light and naturally. The more natural your body moves the longer it can maintain it. Just perform proper conditions for it by systematic training that includes special running strength exercises and drills.
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