I Love Supersport Talks
Baikal, Sevan, Wörthersee, Arctic & others: Swim Them All
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About the talk
Fancy swimming open water or thinking about your very first experience conquering seas, lakes, rivers? Love to travel to new unique destinations? We are organizing a talk that you must to attend!

Alexander Bazanov, founder of X-Waters will tell you all about unique open water swims in different countries and Rinat Mustafin, partner at I Love Supersport Dubai will highlight how to train for those groups

- How X-Waters changing the world of open water swimming
- Epic swimming experiences you can do
- What you need to know before doing long swims
- Where to start from

Come, be inspired and see yourself registering for the open water race later on ;)

We are waiting for you May 28 at 8.00 pm in our office: office 103-104, Mazaya Business Avenue BB2, JLT, Dubai.