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Meet the winner of scenic Namib Desert 100k Challenge - Craig Jordan!
Craig is an experienced ultra runner having competed in such iconic races as Marathon des Sables in Morocco and the Western States 100 mile single stage race. He has experience racing in conditions ranging from the arctic, the Sahara desert as well as taking part in the world's highest altitude race in Ladakh, India.

The Namib Desert 100km Challenge is a 4 day stage race in the remote but beautiful Namibian desert. Each day sees a different challenge for the athletes across mountains, sand dunes and through dry ravines. The final day of the races see the athletes race across the world's highest sand dunes in blistering temperatures in excess of 50c.

Although not necessarily the fastest runner in the races Craig's vast experience of desert running allowed him to control the field eventually winning the race overall by the narrowest of margins, just 64 seconds after 100km of racing.

Come and hear how he used his experience to overcome both the natural and human challenges to take home the spoils!