How to become an efficient runner?

Our coach, Natalia Sedykh, about the right attitude for a runner
Nothing is easier than to become a runner. Just put on sport shoes and start to move your legs along the road. There is no magic in it. You even know from the childhood how to run, don't you? That is why your friends might be wondering why are you asking for a running coach when you can run on your own?

Natalia Sedykh
Train wisely
The point is that casual everyday jogging seems boring for us and we are looking for more strong motivation. This is why long distance challenges are so popular nowadays. People need to play some game. More or less but we are gamblers by the nature. This power makes us run, do some crazy things like finishing ultramarathon or complete IRONMAN.

Anyone can be a runner but not everyone can improve the result from race to race and name himself or herself "efficient". For sure, we will not talk about why not everyone is an Olympic champion. Basically, professional running world is a completely different planet. Lets talk today about amateurs – beginners who have started to run middle-aged (with or without sport experience).

Running is not only about technique
Millions of these runners are looking for special methods, which can help them to improve their running skills. First of all – techniques. To be honest it is funny when people see no other problems except their running techniques. They believe that all they need to be an efficient runner is THE running technique. However, we need not only TECHNIQUES to be efficient. Technique is important for sure. But our body will not be able to perform great kind of techniques if we were not creating the proper conditions for it.

Actually, people totally understand that they should work hard and stick to a certain healthy nutritional plan to be able to achieve their fitness and sport goals. However, being lazy by nature as well we will never stop dream about easier ways.

Here are a few basic factors that can build the base for proper running technique that your body can perform:
Muscles and ligaments strength
No extra body weight
Regular training that includes specific running, coordination and balance exercises
Recovery time after workouts
Good sleep, nutrition, etc.
Keeping all in mind and including these activities in one balanced system is not an easy task. You need special knowledge about how our body works and how it adjusts to particular activities. Unfortunately, many amateur runners do not tend to guess about how diverse should be long distance running preparation of an efficient athlete. However, it is explainable by psychology. We are people. We will rather believe in new magic or nanotechnology methods that will promise us to change our bodies without spending a lot of time for daily training, sweating in the gym or running track.
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