Compression gear: does it serve a purpose for long distance runners?

Our coach, Natalia Sedykh, about the compression gear
You might have seen the long bright coloured socks that some runners wear during workouts or races. Do they really make a significant difference? Can compression gear make you more efficient or it is just new fashion?

Natalia Sedykh
Purpose of the compression gear
Compression gear is tight, increasing the pressure on muscles helping blood and excess of fluids to move up helping to reduce swelling and prevent edema.

That's why compression socks are recommended for those who have some health conditions such as poor blood circulation, post-thrombotic syndrome, varicose veins etc.

They are also beneficial for pregnant women and those who are standing on their feet all the working day or need to be stationary for long periods of time (e.g. on an airplane).

So in these circumstances this is why the medical profession recommend compression wear for health issues, prevention and recovery.

What is the sport compression and which benefits can runners take from it?
Compression sport wear supports and stimulates the calf muscles throughout the physical activity. An Improved blood flow makes the exchange of oxygen, lactate, and nutrients occur more quickly. It maintains the particular muscles efficiency during running. Consequently sports compression socks can help alleviate pain from conditions, for example, such as shin splints or calf cramps.

The main difference between medical and sport compression wear is the type of pressure and kind of material.
How to choose proper sport compression gear?
At the market you can find wide range of sport wear with differing quality of compression. Stay away from cheep gear. Even if it has some compression effect most likely you will not feel it after the first use. Good compression technology isn't cheap. In general the more expensive compression gear is, the more likely it is to be able to provide any real pressure over continued use. Trust the famous and proven brands like COMPRESS SPORT, 2XU, CEP.
The full sock—with a foot, as opposed to just a sleeve— is best for getting the full effects because it has a gradual and full compression.
Measure at the widest part of your calf and pick the size that corresponds to it.
By choosing the proper compression gear you shall experience fresher legs throughout the long distance running and faster muscle recovery after your hard workouts.
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