Tricks to work on body weight: phychological approach

Our coach, Natalia Sedykh, about the psychological approach for runners to get desired results
It is possible to complete the long distance race with any body weight and any level of physical preparation indeed. The only question is how hard it is going to be for you to finish the distance and how it will affect your body and health as the result. For sure, the main goal for us is to become healthier!

Natalia Sedykh
Body weight is a key to success
Our body is very strong and can take and resist a lot of pressure (the limit is usually when there is a situation of a life threat). Being clever, we usually do not harm ourselves for finisher medals. However, we want to satisfy our sport ambitions and be safe, that is why it is reliable to stick grammar approach and start working on your body weight from the earliest days of your training program.

Everyone knows the most powerful methods in reducing weight:
Desist from fried food and sweets
Drink a glass of water 30 min before your meal
Use small sizes dishes and eat slow
Cut out carbohydrates from your nutrition after 6 pm
Go to sleep at 10pm
It is very simple to understand, but usually not simple to do. Why?

The basis of the most of the body weight issues (extra or lack of body weight) is usually psychological. It is normal that human body is lazy by nature. We can work hard if only were moved by strong motivation. Moreover, it is not hard to gain extra weight when we have plenty of food around us and have no need to use the bodies due to using transport. Therefore we should find mental origin methods for keeping optimal for us body mass.
Coaches' practice shows that starting running only to reduce weight is poor working method due to weak motivation. Much more working way is reducing weight for something really important for you. Below you can find a few methods that you can easily try in your practice.

Try more effective approach!
Diary-based approach
If you want to solve any problem, you should have solid comprehension what you have at the start point and what and when exactly you want to get after a certain work. Keeping training journal helps us build proper program with dosed amount and intensity of work, the nutritional diary helps us control the consumption and planning meals.
Official overseas race registration
It is funny but the more expensive race registration and your trip abroad is the more likely you will prepare yourself well to the event.
Public promise or a bet with friends
We carefully share our life plans with other people because we clearly understand that it automatically leads to the increase of our responsibility for our words. So why don't we use this tool in our practice?
Personal training

Trust a good specialist. Professional coach definitely knows how to arrange contributing conditions for your goal achievement and control your progress by individual way. Control from the side from the person who you trust surely works.
Hope these advises can help you to start working on your body weight!
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