Why marathon runners need 10k races participation?

Our coach, Natalia Sedykh, about the necessity of participating in short distances
Test yourself at short races to be more efficient at the marathon!

Natalia Sedykh
Prepare yourself for marathon
One of the first steps of proper marathon preparation is planning your training schedule and calendar of pre-races that targets rehearsal of your outstanding 42,195m challenge.

Obviously, that it could be not good idea to run marathon without any experience in 10k and 21k run at all.

Important to know:
  • what the long distance running is;
  • how your body will take it;
  • what better to eat before;
  • which pace is good for you;
  • how to balance the energy that you have throughout the whole distance;
  • should you eat gels or not and when;
  • which T-shirt and shoes you should wear and so on and so forth.

Being fit and strong is not enough for success. Competition experience is a very significant factor as well.

Don't underestimate middle-distance races
10k and 21k distances seem much easier in comparing with 42k but their difficulties cannot be underestimated. Anyways these are still long distances that require mind and body work from your side. Moreover, for those runners who are interested not in finishing only but in good speed and outstanding time result also smaller distances are even more important! The shorter distance race does not mean the less effort. Such distances require the higher pace keeping.

Marathon program training is not a smooth process. It is a big system that includes different cycles and target focuses.

10k race participation during the program helps to improve your speed. 21k race participation helps learn your body more and predict your marathon pace.

It is considered you can predict your marathon time result by simple formula: "Your half marathon time *2 + 10min = predictable marathon time".

There is no exact standard instruction for everyone on what, how many and when exactly you need to run pre-races. Everyone has different experience, capabilities and working schedule. In addition, building your program and races calendar depends on length of your program and time result that you want to achieve. Contact experienced coach and confirm this issue, taking into account your wishes and suggestions.

Experienced athletes know that speed that they are able to show being participants of big organized race could be much higher than speed that they show at self-independent training run. Specific set of mind and certain level of hormones in blood can boost sport performance significantly.

There is one more notice that could be useful for those who are setting big sport goals. It is unlikely to get rid of pre-race excitement forever even with many years experience. Such kind of a thrill is logical and natural reaction. Doing more practice in any long race you can learn yourself more and more and teach your mind to be set properly. In this way, you will avoid emotional burn and save your power for the race day to show your new personal best.
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